Make A Fun Kid’s Marble Game Out Of Plastic Bottles


If your kids are bored this summer, this is the perfect activity to keep them happy. All you need is a few plastic bottles, some scissors, magnets, hot glue, and an iron. Although this is a kid’s game, the kids will not be able to help out on making the parts since dangerous heat is involved. If you watch the video in its entirety, you will soon have a fun game everyone will enjoy.

The name of this game is Marble Run and it is a ton of fun. Although it is aimed for kids, people of all ages will enjoy the fun. Once the bottles have been made and the edges smoothed with an iron, they can be hung on any metal surface, such as the fridge. Then, you simply add marbles and let the kids have a blast. If you think this is a unique way to reuse plastic bottles, Please SHARE on Facebook.