Make a Giant Chocolate Milk Bottle Gummy to Fool and Delight Your Friends and Family


In this video tutorial by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio, Jen has a special guest in the kitchen to help her make a giant chocolate milk bottle gummy candy. For this recipe, you will simply need a liter of chocolate milk and 16 envelopes of plain gelatin. As with all of Jen’s tutorials, this recipe is very simple to follow and simply takes time in the process. It is important you watch the entire video to ensure you do not miss any of the important steps in the instructions.

What could be better than a giant gummy bottle of chocolate milk! If you follow the directions exactly as they are told in the video, you will find it very easy to create a realistic-looking gummy that happens to be quite delicious in taste. All you will need to do is mix the gelatin with about a third of the milk and then melt it in the microwave. Once the rest of the milk and gelatin are combined, you will heat the mixture again and then simply pour in the bottle and allow it to firm in the fridge. Attaching the milk bottle label and lid makes this gummy truly look authentic. Please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends!

Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio