Make a Healthy “Noodle” Dish Using Zucchini and a Delicious Peanut Sauce


As usual, Laura in the Kitchen has a unique and delicious recipe to share. This dish is like nothing you have probably eaten before! In place of noodles, you will be using healthy zoodles! Don’t know what zoodles are? Zoodles are noodles made from zucchini. In this dish, they remain raw but they can actually be boiled to become very much like traditional pasta noodles. As you watch this video, you will see how clearly easy it is to create this dish. It is one that is so yummy your kids will not even realize they are eating a healthy meal!

As Laura explains, this dish is perfect after sitting up in the fridge for about an hour but it tastes even better the next day. The decadent peanut sauce brings these zoodles to life and will tantalize your taste buds. This is the perfect meal if you are watching your carbs but want to enjoy a good pasta dish. Check out the video and then Please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends.

Laura in the Kitchen