How to Make a Perfect Homemade Crab Cake


Who doesn’t love crab cake? Those living in Maryland certainly do, and here is a classic homemade recipe that everybody will love. You can either pan sear your crab or broil it – both will taste great.

To start, get some lump crab meat and begin to mix it with crackers – the crackers will help to absorb any excess moisture. Then form a paste of mayonnaise, mustard, egg and Worcestershire sauce which is then added to your crab and crackers mix. The mixture will initially be rather loose, so put it in the fridge for a while to harden it up.

After this, you can pan fry or broil your crab cakes. By pan frying them you will end up with a delicious golden brown appearance. When you broil them, you will have that great crunchy taste that will make the cake just perfect. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

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