Make This Simple Humane Rat Trap to Get Rid of Unwanted Rodents Around Your Home


Although rats and mice are cute little critters, they do not belong in homes because they can spread disease and destroy electrical wiring. Instead of using poison or kill traps, this video teaches you how you can easily make a humane rat trap with items you likely already have around your home. For this video tutorial you will need an empty water bottle, scissors, a cutting knife, rubber bands, wooden sticks, a marker, twine, a paperclip, and some cheese for bait.

Dealing with kill traps is not only inhumane but also leads to a big mess. This easy to follow tutorial will allow you to create a humane trap that will ensure the rodent is not harmed in any way so it can be safely released into the wild. (Preferably far away from your home!) This clever idea will make you wonder why you never thought of it. After enjoying this fun tutorial video, Please SHARE on Facebook to inform the world!


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