Make Two-Ingredient Homemade Sorbet in Minutes – No Need For Ice Cream Freezer!


If you love the taste of sorbet, this is the video for you! Here, you will learn how truly simple it is to create many delicious flavors of fruit sorbet in a matter of minutes. Instead of buying store-bought sorbet that is full of unhealthy ingredients, simply try out Gemma Stafford’s two-ingredient version and enjoy a delicious, cooling treat all summer long. For your sorbet, you will simply need sweetened condensed milk and the frozen fruit of your choice.

Imagine making fresh raspberry, cantaloupe and mint, or strawberry and lime sorbet. The combinations are limitless. Once you learn the technique in the video, you can make any flavor you like and they keep perfectly in the freezer for six weeks. This is the perfect healthy dessert for the kids and you can make it lower in fat by simply using fat-free sweetened condensed milk. Watch this delightful video and Please SHARE on Facebook for all to enjoy.

Gemma Stafford