How to Make a Wonderful Apple Rose Pastry Dessert


Knowing how to make a killer dessert is essential if you like hosting events and this apple rose pastry is sure to please your friends and family. Mastering the art of pastry isn’t easy, but the following tips should help you considerably.

You don’t need many ingredients, just three apples, puff pastry, lemon juice, cinnamon and icing sugar. Start by cutting the apples in half and hollowing out the cores, then finely begin to cut them to get small slices. Put the slices in a bowl, cover them with water and then microwave them.

Next, roll out the pastry and mix it in with the lemon juice. Then carefully stick the apple slices on to the pastry, wrap the pastry around the slices to give them their rose shape, and then bake them for around half an hour. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.