Makeup Artists Help a Young Couple See What They Will Look Like When They’re Old


Makeup artists in this video help a couple in their late twenties simulate the aging process. The couple gives a brief introduction about themselves and what they hope to see throughout their marriage. Then, the makeup artists make them look fifty. The results aren’t especially dramatic, which may be a consequence of the fact that plenty of fifty-year-old people today still look good.

However, the results are much more dramatic when the couple is ‘aged’ to seventy, and then to ninety. The two of them then sit back and imagine themselves at that age. They talk about what they expect will happen over the course of the next few decades. They’re essentially getting a preview of growing old together, and they explore it in every way. This is a unique video, and it certainly provides the couple in question with a rare opportunity. This is a video that will probably mean a lot to couples on Facebook.
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