Mama Dog Panicked After Kids Took Away All Her Puppies Except One – Has Tearful Reaction When Rescuers Arrived


Thank to Hope for Paws, a mama dog together with her puppy are now safe after living under deplorable condition for a long time.

The team from Hope for Paws did not have an easy time rescuing the dog since the area had a lot of noises, a result of the ongoing construction. But after searching keenly, they were able to spot two tiny figures. The dog’s problems started when her owner sold the house leaving her behind.

They then discovered that the two figures were none other than Zoe – the mother dog – and her puppy. They then convinced Zoe that they were there to help them and with time gained her trust. Since Eldad knew that Zoe’s other puppies were somewhere, he went ahead and inquired from the workers where they were.

Eldad then learned that barely four days before the rescue day some kids had sneaked into the site and made way with 5 of the dog’s other puppies. There was no way they could know where the kids had taken the puppies and there was nothing they could do about it. That made them understand why the dog was so protective when they tried to get near her puppy.

After giving her food and putting a leash around her neck, they took them out of the streets and that marked the dawn of a new life. In the clip below, you witness how happy Zoe and her baby are.