A Man Affiliated With the World Surf League Survives a Shark Attack


When many people think of the hazards of surfing, they will tend to focus on the dangers associated with riding the waves. Some surfers drown and some surfers are thrown off their boards over the course of their outings. Shark attacks aren’t really the first thing that comes to mind, especially because many people think that sharks aren’t going to swim too close to the shore.

The shark that attacked the surfer in this video managed to prove everyone wrong. While the threat of shark attacks is exaggerated in some other circles, shark attacks are very real. This video is full of voice-over, and it features a lot of interviews with the people who witnessed the attack and the people who were affected by the attack. The video is not as graphic as some people might expect, but they will still get a sense of what happened. People all over Facebook would find this video interesting.