Man Allows Himself To Be Stung By The Cow Killer And Lives To Tell About It!


Coyote Peterson is an outdoor adventurist who loves seeking out strange critters. In this video, he is going to let the cow killer sting him. This insect is really called the Velvet Ant because it is similar in shape to an ant but has an orange furry appearance. This insect gained its name “The Cow Killer” because its sting is so painful, it is said to cause cows to die!

As you progress through the video, you will soon see Coyote getting stung by the horrendous stinger of the Velvet Ant. When the venom begins pulsating through his arm, the pain becomes almost unbearable! He said out of all the insects he has been bitten or stung by, the Velvet Ant is the worst he has felt. Can you imagine the pain he must have been in? Make sure to watch the entire video and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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