Man Appears To Be The Last American Citizen To Find Out Who Won The Election


Joe Chandler made up his mind just before the election that he did not want to know who the next president was because there was so much bickering among the people. For two weeks, he shielded his ears and eyes when going out and even wore a sign that said he did not know who won and did not want to know. Luckily no one revealed it to him but in this video, he visited a radio station to find out.

When Joe sees the red balloons fly up, he smiles and says they are lovely. It is not clear who he voted for but he did say he hopes we will be able to look back and see this was the moment America turned around. Joe says he finally decided to find out who won, not because he wanted to know, but because he wanted a burger! Enjoy the video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.