Man Is Arrested After He Dresses In Clown Mask And Scares Children At Middle School


This video is quite puzzling! The man featured in this story is a grandfather who, perhaps, was just trying to have a little fun by scaring a few middle schoolers as Halloween approaches. With all of the talk of widespread clowns across the country, people are becoming more and more apprehensive so it is inconceivable this man would not know he would be in trouble.

As you will see in the video, he dressed up in a clown mask and boxing gloves and was seen shadow boxing outside the windows of a middle school. The staff immediately called the police and he was arrested on site. Not only did David Dahlman scare the kids, he also threatened the principal, getting himself into even more trouble with the police! Thankfully, this man has been caught and will not be causing any further mischief! You must see this video and then Please SHARE on Facebook.