Man Attempts To Tame A Feral Kitten By Speaking His Language


This is quite a hilarious video to watch so do not miss out on it. Here, you will find a man who is attempting to speak the language of a feral kitten. As he holds a can of cat food, he meows like a cat and the little kitten answers him back each time he does. The poor little guy is so hungry, he attempts to trust the silly man, even though he is afraid. When he begins chowing down on the cat food, the man thinks he has won the war and tamed the beast!

As soon as the little kitten gets enough food, he dives off the side of the enclosure and runs away. Perhaps the man was not as convincing as he thought he was! The conversation that takes place between the kitten and the man is funny to watch. If you love this interaction, Please SHARE on Facebook.