Man And His Blind Horse Are The Best Of Friends


Roderick Olson is a man who absolutely loves his horse. When Zaxson went blind, he decided there was no way he could part with his best friend so he continued to ride him, just like he always had. At first, it was a little tough for both of them to grow accustomed to riding but he soon began to take off running at full speed, trusting Roderick to lead him in the right direction. When you see these two riding in the video, it will warm your heart!

Roderick and Zaxson are the best of friends and they ride everywhere together. This video shows them riding in water and all down different types of trails. The two have developed a closer friendship than ever before and they love spending time with one another. Now, Zaxson is jumping at the bit each time Roderick is about to ride! After you enjoy this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.