Man Builds New Fence to Keep His Dog in the Yard When Comedic Magic Happens

Evidentally, Stella the dog is one who likes to roam around. Her owner is attempting to do the right thing and keep her in the backyard so she does not get into trouble. In this video, he has just finished making his new fence and is proudly displaying it for the world to see. He is sure, this time, there is no way Stella can get through the fence and into the neighbor’s yard. As he is filming, pure comedic magic happens and the timing could not be perfect! When you see Stella in action, you will not be able to stop laughing!

This short video will make you laugh out loud when you see what happens right at the end. When this man is revelling in the glory of his new fence, he soon sees a sight that makes him let out an expletive. The timing could not be more perfect! If you laughed at this video, Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy it!


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