A Man Who Once Caught Chickens for a Living Stuns the Audience of America’s Got Talent


America’s Got Talent specializes in rags to riches stories. This one seems to qualify more than most. The singer in this video is a man with a pronounced rural American accent, whose accent actually causes the judges to derisively laugh out loud initially. He also describes his line of work before becoming a singer. He caught chickens, but doesn’t really go into the details about it. Essentially, reciting his backstory does not inspire confidence in this video’s audience.

When he starts singing the Garth Brooks song If Tomorrow Never Comes, the prejudices that the audience have already formed about him seem to fade away almost immediately. They’re left stunned by the talent of the performer, including the judge who mocked him previously. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since this is certainly the kind of video that is going to manage to speak to a lot of people all around the world.

Marien van Zanten