A Man Chooses a Dramatic and Energetic Method of Proposing to His Girlfriend in a Public Place


Lots of people like to make proposals in a way that is dramatic and interesting. Some people will propose on one knee while an orchestra is playing in a famous restaurant. Some people will have a sports mascot deliver the ring at a ball game. Some people will pop the question in a hot air balloon. However, in this video, people will get the chance to see a man make an even more dramatic proposal than that.

He arranges for a flash mob to appear at Central Station. These people start singing and dancing like it is a staged event, almost as if the whole thing came from a scene in a musical. The proposal occurs near the end of the video, and naturally, the proposal was completely well-received. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is certainly entertaining to watch, and many people will consider it romantic.

DJ Xcentrik