Man Is Devastated After Being Forced To Surrender Over 200-Hundred Pet Rabbits


The man in this video surely loves rabbits and it shows in the sheer numbers he was keeping in his home. What started with only two rabbits, turned into many more. At last count, this man had over 278 rabbits living in his home! Though they were well taken care of, the animal care service removed them because neighbors were complaining about the smell.

The man was able to keep some of his beloved rabbits so he tried to pick out a few of his favorites. The man was not charged with animal cruelty or neglect charges because the rabbits were healthy and taken care of. He was truly devastated to lose what he considers to be his family members and hopes they will all find good homes. These cuties are all up for adoption so make sure you spread the word. After you watch the video, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy.