This Man Explains How It Feels to Lose All His Sense of Taste


Can you imagine never tasting a chocolate bar or that juicy grilled steak again? For Adrian Wellock, this has been his reality for three years. In this video, you will learn how he suffered from a bad cold and then slowly began to lose his taste. Even though he can smell perfectly, he cannot taste any food so everything he eats tastes like a tasteless wad of chewing gum that has been chewed too long.

This man’s story is one of overcoming a very difficult obstacle. Not being able to enjoy the foods you eat can be very stressful and disheartening. This man has endured a lot but the important thing to remember is he is still alive and has his health. Hopefully, one day, his taste buds will begin to work again. Until then, eating is no longer a joy! Check out this video about Adrian’s loss of taste and then Please SHARE on Facebook to raise awareness.