Man Finds Creative Way To Save The Lives Of His Dogs During Louisiana Flooding


This video is a sad reminder of all of the devastation the state of Lousiana has faced in August. Here, you will see a man who is doing all he can to save his family, including the furry members. When the waters began rising quickly, he got his car and moved it to higher ground and then when back for his dogs. Using an air mattress, he was able to float them safely across the water so he could put them in the car and save their lives.

This is the kind of moment that just makes you want to smile! This man risked his own life to try and save his dogs and he deserves a medal of honor for that. The sweet little dogs in this video could have perished in the flooding had this man not loved them enough to come back for them! After you watch this touching video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

FOX 10 Phoenix