Man Finds Large Animal Crouching In His Storm Drain


When you live in a residential area, it’s hard to imagine that dangerous wildlife still wants to reclaim its land! That’s exactly what this man found out when he heard a strange hissing noise coming from the storm drain in front of his house. In his mind, it was either a really large, extremely upset cat, or something much more frightening!

The man got on his back with his cellphone camera running and discovered that the noise was actually coming from a massive alligator! According to Boston 25 News, this isn’t an isolated incident! The station’s sister channel reported that a 9-foot alligator was pulled from a Florida drain recently and left residents in the area shocked! The gator was attempting to climb out of the drain and got stuck. That’s when wildlife workers were called to the scene and carefully removed the grouchy gator. This served as a warning to residents all over the Florida panhandle and the surrounding states. Children ride down the street on bikes and play soccer on the road – one rouge ball could’ve resulted in a disaster!