Man Gets Arrested For His Eighth DWI While Driving A Backhoe


The man in this video was caught swerving all over the road while driving a backhoe. While many people might think you can’t get in trouble for DWI while driving farm equipment, they would be wrong! This guy was pulled over and arrested, receiving his eighth DWI offense. Looks like the judge is sure to throw the book at this guy and jail time will likely be unavoidable!

This man has gotten himself into a lot of trouble because of his drinking habits! He will likely not be driving a car, motorcycle, or any motorized vehicle for a long, long time! Thankfully, no one was hurt while this man was driving down the road on the heavy machinery! Things could have been a lot worse for him and others. The police were able to safely and effectively get him off the road so he was not a danger to himself or others. Watch and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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