Man Gets An Unexpected Surprise After Comforting A Grieving Woman


The man in this video loves spreading cheer everywhere he goes. When he saw an older woman looking downcast at a local supermarket, he did what he always does, he went out of his way to make her smile. He walked up to the woman and let her know she was beautiful and he paid for her groceries and left. He had no idea this moment would change her life so much!

Casey is a server at Applebees and he loves taking care of his customers. A couple of nights later, a family walked in and ordered a water and then left Casey a $500 tip. The note they left on the napkin says it all. This was the family of the woman he had comforted at the grocery store. He had no idea she had been grieving over her husband’s death. This video shows anyone can make a difference in a person’s life! After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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