A Man And A Goose Become The Best Of Friends


This video is so adorable to watch, it will have you smiling the entire way through. The man in this video found a gosling drowning in the water and he picked it up and took it home with him so he could help her get strong enough to be on her own. In the beginning, he took her everywhere with him and she soon became attached. He thought she would one day fly away but she never does. No matter how he tries to get her to go, she always comes back.

This is a story of true friendship between a goose and her human. She loves this man so much, she rides on his boat and walks with him everywhere he goes in town. When a woman is around him, she gets very jealous and keeps her eye on the woman to make sure the guy is safe. Watch this video and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.