Man Joins Woman On Piano For Cover Of “Sound Of Silence” That’s Hauntingly Beautiful


For four years, a pianist and cellist called Brooklyn Duo have delighted fans with their unique sounds. They are considered to be one of today’s most successful classical crossover ensembles. The rich piano blends beautifully with the pure sound from the cello. The duo, comprised of musicians Marnie and Patrick, found online success and have released more than 70 videos and seven albums of covers, including the hauntingly beautiful one below.

Marnie and Patrick perform a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s famous song “The Sound of Silence.” But their version blends both the original and the cover performed by Disturbed. The result is a stunning yet eerie compilation. Marnie plays a black Baby Grand piano and begins plunking out the first few strains, then Patrick joins in on the cello, bringing out the rich melody.