Man Lures Officer In For Fake Interview As Cameras Catch Moment Cop Suddenly Realizes He’s Been Set Up


Officer James Poole got the call he dreaded in 1997. A little boy was found unresponsive in a hotel pool and they needed assistance right away. When Officer Poole arrived, he pushed the onlookers to the side and jumped into action. He sat for several agonizing minutes performing CPR and praying to the heavens above that this little boy, 5-year-old Chris Jones, would come back to life. Just as Officer Poole was about to fear the worst, water spewed from Chris’ mouth. He was alive!

Today, 19 years after that harrowing ordeal, Chris is a 24-year-old father and thankful for his new lease on life. He doesn’t intend to waste the second chance he was given at spending time on Earth! His experience in that hotel pool is something Chris thinks about often – as is the heroism of Officer Poole. So, after months of going back and forth in his mind, Chris decided to plan a big surprise for the officer who saved his life. He was able to get Officer Poole to agree to an on-camera interview, but when the cameras began rolling, Chris unveiled himself!