A Man Who Has Had Multiple DUI Violations is Led to Believe He Has Been in a Coma For a Decade


People who have had a lot of DUI violations often continue to do so, putting the lives of other people at risk at the same time. The man in this video becomes part of an anti-drug statement thanks to his long history of DUI violations. He has passed out and is in the hospital following an episode of drunken violations.

Costumed individuals come in and tell him that he has, in fact, been in a coma for ten years and that it is the year 2023 instead of 2013. Getting a shock like that from what seems to be a night of simple alcohol consumption would be a shock to anyone, and it might be the sort of thing that gets this man to actually change his life. At any rate, it might change the lives of some of the people who are watching.

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