A Man From Newfoundland Grew His Beard For 39 Years Before Shaving It For Charity


What on earth would possess anyone to grow their beard for 39 years? Who knows, but this man, Ralph Lethbridge, from Newfoundland did, before deciding to shave it off for charity, after his closed friend was sadly diagnosed with ALS.

The bushy grey beard made Ralph something of a local celebrity, which ensured plenty of people donated to his campaign. He shaved his huge beard in front of an audience, as the donations continued to roll in. It was quite remarkable to see the difference in Ralph after he had been given his much-needed shave!

But the emotional part was still to follow. In the final part of the video, Ralph shared a special moment with his friend, who started to break down in tears. Ralph hugged him, as they shared an embrace which signalled just how strong their friendship is. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.