Man Passes Through A Car To Cross The Street, Makes Everyone Laugh


If you find yourself in a standing column of vehicles, we must always make sure that we do not stop at the pedestrian crossing.

This kind of action closes the path for many pedestrians, which makes crossing the road difficult and no doubt less safe.

It was just like that in a scene witnessed these days in Petrozavodsk in western Russia near the border with Finland. One of the drivers stopped his vehicle at a pedestrian crossing, forcing a passing pedestrian to take matters into his own hands.

As he stepped on the pedestrian crossing, he came across the aforementioned vehicle, then simply opened the back door, sat in the vehicle, and soon exited on the other side.

The video laughed many online users who support the pedestrian’s action. Look at the kind of “comedy” they filmed on the road in Russia these days …

Source: klipland