Man Plans Surprise Movie Wedding For His Sick Fiance


The couple in this video shared a love like none other! They met on the set of a zombie movie and it was love at first sight! Shortly after they fell in love, Elaine was diagnosed with cancer and she had enormous hospital bills to pay so the two could not marry. They had to put off their marriage for six years but Mario so badly wanted to marry his fiance he could not wait!

In this video, he surprises Elaine with a special movie theater wedding. She is sitting in the theater and thinks she is watching a movie but the movie quickly hits home and then Mario surprises her. They had the gown, the wedding party, and everything in order for this special bride. It is amazing to see them together and so in love! Sadly, Elaine lost her battle with cancer but this video will forever serve as a reminder of their love. Enjoy this video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.