Man Puts On A Big Performance When He Proposes To Girlfriend


When this man decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him he decided to go all out! He wanted to make his proposal to her special, and so he enlisted the help of many friends, and they put on the performance of a lifetime! Watch this video to see all of the work that this man went through to make his proposal special.
He had to get many people involved, including singers and dancers, and somehow he was able to pull everything off perfectly!
This video will be sure to make you emotional as you watch it from start to finish. This man knew how to give his girlfriend the proposal that she deserved, and she is lucky to have him in her life! Watch the video and then make sure that you go ahead and SHARE it with all of your friends on Facebook! They will love seeing the love this man has for his girlfriend just as much as you did!

Tom BetGeorge