Man Receives A Bundle Of Furry Love For His Birthday!


On Doug’s forty-seventh birthday, his wife and stepchildren got him a most unexpected gift, one he had been wanting for many years. In this video, his wife gives him a special wooden box and when he opens it, he cannot believe what is inside. Inside, there is a beautiful purple dog collar and a picture of a puppy. Stella is her name and when you see her, you will fall in love right away!

Doug’s reaction to meeting Stella will absolutely melt your heart! This sweet pair became the best of friends and loved spending every day together until Stella passed. This video will always serve as a tender reminder of when Doug met Stella! You will adore this sweet video so watch to the end. Stella is one of the most beautiful puppies you will ever see! Enjoy every sweet moment of this video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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