Man Is Reunited With His Kindergarten Teacher Thirty Years Later


Lorly Schik is a retired kindergarten teacher with a memory that has yet to fail her. Thirty years after teaching a boy, she still remembered him and when she saw him on a television newscast, she could hardly believe her eyes! She decided she would write him a letter and let him know she still remembered him after all these years. In this video, you get to meet this wonderful teacher and witness their beautiful reunion together!

Most people can remember the teachers they had growing up in school but it is more difficult for teachers to remember their students. After all, they have hundreds of students throughout their career! This teacher never forgot her pupil and even held on to personal notes and pictures for thirty years. When you see this wonderful reunion, tears will spring to your eyes. If you believe this wonderful retired teacher needs to be honored, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see this video!

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