Man With Savant Syndrome Plays The Piano Brilliantly From Ear


Derek is thirty-one years old and has severe disabilities. Not only is he blind, he has difficulty carrying on a conversation or even buttoning his shirt. Although he was born with severe disabilities, he has a gift one would have to say is a miracle. As Lesley Stahl profiles him in this segment of 60 Minutes, you will be able to see the true brilliance that Derek holds in his brain. This video is truly astounding!

When he was only three years old, he began playing piano with his nose, karate chop movements, and even his elbows. He has a brilliant mind that provides him access to computer-like files in his brain. He can listen to a piece of music and instantly play it back, even though he cannot see. You will truly not be able to believe your eyes or ears as you watch him flawlessly perform at the drop of a hat. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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