Man Is Saved From Death By a Caring Domino’s Pizza Manager and Her Driver


The Domino’s Pizza in Salem, Oregon has a special customer who calls in orders on a regular basis. When the manager realized he had not called in an order in eleven days, she feared something might be wrong. Thankfully, she relied on her instincts and sent a driver out to the residence right away. When the man did not answer the door, she called 911 so rescuers could come in and check on the man to make sure he was okay.

Had the Domino’s Pizza manager not been concerned about one her customers, he may not be alive today! When the police got to his residence, they could hear him crying out for help and he was in dire need of medical attention. The Domino’s Pizza manager and her drivers are being hailed as heroes and rightfully so! Thankfully, this man is recovering in the hospital and the unthinkable did not happen! Watch this amazing video and then Please SHARE on Facebook.