Man Selflessly Dives in the Lake to Save a Woman Who Was Drowning in Her SUV


They say anyone can become a hero if given the right circumstances. When the man in this video was in a parking lot of a business, he heard a cry for help and looked over at the lake to see an SUV slowly going under. He quickly jumped in his car, drove across the bridge, and immediately dived in to try and save the woman. When he found her, she was stuck inside the car and unconscious. With time running out, he did everything he could do to open her car door and free her.

Heroes do still exist and this man is living proof. Although it took him a few minutes, he was finally able to pull with all his might and get the car door open so he could carry the woman to safety. In the video, you will learn that she is doing well and only broke her shoulder during the accident. To honor this hero, Please SHARE on Facebook.