Man With Down Syndrome Gives Up His Dream Restaurant to Pursue the Love of His Life


When Tim Harris opened his restaurant five years it ago, he considered it the highlight of his life. For five years, he lived and breathed his restaurant, doing all he could to make it successful. The first man with Down Syndrome to open a restaurant, Tim has shown the world that those with this syndrome are really no different than others. So, after his dream has finally come true, why is he giving it all up?

When you discover the reasons for him closing his restaurant, tears are sure to flow. It seems Tim has met the love of his life and wants to be closer to her. This means moving to Denver and leaving behind his restaurant. Although he is thrilled to be with his love, he is grieving over leaving it all behind. As you will learn by watching this video, new horizons await Tim and he will soon be opening his next restaurant in Denver. After you have enjoyed this touching video, Please SHARE on Facebooks so others can learn about Tim and his dream!

CBS Evening News

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