Man Is Trapped For Over a Decade In His Body and Then Doctors Discover He Is Aware


Can you imagine being trapped in your body for ten years, being unable to respond to the world around you but knowing everything that was going on? For Martin Pistorius, this is the hell he lived through on a daily basis. In this video from NBC News, Martin and his mother tell the story of how he was finally able to come out of his prison and tell the world that he had been awake all along.

This amazing story is truly a miracle to watch. Poor Martin was abused and learned how truly horrible people can be when they think someone is in a coma-like state. Unfortunately, he witnessed his mother telling him she wished he would die! Imagine the heartache this must have caused him. Thankfully, a therapist saw a glint in his eye and major treatments were carried out to bring him back. To make sure everyone sees this miraculous story, Please SHARE on Facebook.

NBC News