This Man Has Two Great Things To Look Foward To In The Coming Weeks


In this video, you will find an up and coming singer by the name of Joshua Wicker. Wicker is hoping to make his big break on the hit show American Idol. With him, he brings the support of his wife who is pregnant with their baby girl. This is a big moment in their lives and everyone is cheering for Wicker to make it past this round of the show.

After the young man had finished his audition, the judges gave him the good news that they wanted him to move forward on the show. Then they did something very special by calling his pregnant wife into the audition room. Once she came into the room they each told her that her husband made it and she was overjoyed with happiness. Now this couple has even more to look forward to in addition to their daughter who is due to be born in just three weeks.

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