A Man in Uganda Gets An Unexpected Visit from a Group of Mountain Gorillas


Mountain gorillas are very rare animals in the wild, and their behavior can be somewhat difficult to predict. Finding them in the wild would be rare enough. Situations in which they are going to approach you can make for experiences that you will get once in a given lifetime, if that. The man in this video gets approached from behind by a group of wild mountain gorillas.

He is extremely quiet and still throughout the entire encounter, wisely avoiding startling them. The mountain gorillas inspect him and touch him a few times, as if they are trying to size him up and identify him. They all sort of crowd around him from behind. Off-screen, the person recording the video quietly comments on the situation and offers advice. The gorillas soon wander away, but they leave a powerful impression. This is a video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, especially to animal lovers.

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