Man Who Once Weighed Over 900 Pounds Makes A Deal With Simon Cowell


This video segment comes from X Factor 2012 and features one of the most talented people who has ever graced the stage. Freddie Combs is a super obese man who is wheelchair-bound. He once weighed over 900 pounds and was near death! By turning his life around, he began to lose weight and in this video had lost over 400 pounds! As he is pushed onto the stage, you can tell the judges are shocked over his appearance. Once they hear him sing, his appearance no longer matters!

As he sings, “The Wind Beneath My Wings”, the judges are in near tears and the audience cannot believe he sings with such power! This man wanted to sing this song for his wife who has been there for sixteen years of marriage. It is amazing to hear him sing and you will not be able to get enough. Watch this X Factor audition and Please SHARE on Facebook.