Sam wasn’t looking forward to his younger brother’s visit at work. Finally, the day arrived. But that was not the case during the working tour.

Her younger brother Jack does his job as the Queen’s bodyguard, protecting the Royal Family at Windsor Castle. It’s such an honor for members of the Royal Army and Sam was so excited to see his brother stand proud in his uniform.

Due to the fact that Sam has Down syndrome, Sgt. Bagot More and Lieutenant Prager kindly told him what he could and couldn’t do with his brother. Sam enthusiastically tells the officers it’s the first time he’s seen Jack in action.

The three walked up to the soldier, who was dressed in a full winter uniform, a long gray coat and a large fluffy hat. Jacques was there! He recognized Sam’s arrival, then had a big smile on his face with a quick maneuver shortly after.

Sam was allowed to take a quick photo at the scene with his brother. This was the moment he was looking forward to!

After filming, he escorted Sam inside the royal palace where the royal guard was located. When they visited one of the rooms, Sam saw someone down the hall, and her face lit up with happiness. There was his brother Jack, and they rushed towards each other in a hug.

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