This Man’s Best Friend Is Furry and Weighs Around 800 Pounds


Before you begin watching this video, think about your best friend and what they mean to you. Now, can you imagine having an 800 pound best friend? This video shares the story of a man and his best friend, Brutus the bear. The two have been inseparable since they first met when Brutus was only five months old. The two became so close, the man even had Brutus stand in as his best man at his wedding!

It is beautiful to see this relationship in action as the two thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. It is entirely clear to see these two will be lifelong friends! You will love seeing them interact together and witness the love that is so strong between them. Although this relationship is a beautiful one, it is important to remember you should never attempt this at home since bears can be dangerous in the wild. After you watch this video, Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can witness the joy!