This Man’s Job Is to Protect the World’s Color Pigments So They are Never Forgotten


Who knew there were so many pigment colors in the world! This video showcases a man who works at Harvard Museum, collecting thousands of pigment colors from all over the world. Some of these pigments date back decades in time and are extremely rare. As of now, the museum has over 2,400 pigments in its collection and they are constantly adding more additions. This unique display vault tells of the history of color throughout the world and how it was used to create an array of paint colors. Through this man’s work and research, he has the ability to help authenticate paintings based on the pigments used in the paint.

It is amazing to see some of the names on the pigment vials. Imagine a color called Dragon’s Blood or Mummy! There is even a pigment that has been made from the urine of cows that were only fed mango leaves. The history behind these rare pigments is interesting to hear. After you have enjoyed this video presentation, Please SHARE on Facebook for others.

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