Secret Santa Leaves Good Teacher Stunned After He Gives Her A New Car


A touching video comes from the US state of Idaho in which a reporter, along with a Secret Santa, delivered a wonderful surprise.

Before Christmas, he gifted one special teacher, and the video is already a hit online!

Secret Santa is a real person in Idaho who wants to gift as many people as possible during the festive season but wants to remain anonymous. Teacher Bonnie Warne has taught at South Fremont High School for over 30 years, and she is always the first in the morning and the last to leave the premises in the evening.

She always wants to help others, and she has repeatedly raised money, school supplies, food and other things that children needed. She always put others on frist place, and after the work at school, she has been volunteering – even at an animal shelter.

Her car is completely mess as she has had it since 1994 and has repeatedly broken down. That’s why Secret Santa bought her a brand new vehicle at his own expense, and she also received a thousand dollar check for a gift. Watch the teacher’s reaction when she was surprised with a new vehicle!

Source: klipland