Marcus Grimmie Speaks Out About the Murder of His Sister Christina Grimmie


Christina Grimmie was a beloved singer that was mercilessly murdered by a man who was infatuated with her. He gunned her down with no remorse and then killed himself as her brother struggled to stop him from shooting anyone else. This video shows his speech that he gave during her vigil. Within the space of a few days, the Orlando area suffered from massive sadness as Christina was gunned down and then 49 others. No words could possibly express the level of mourning this community has faced!

Marcus was the beloved older brother of Christina and they were as close as best friends. He toured with her and worked to protect her at all times but he could not stop her death on that fateful day! As he states in the video, Christina was his number two player and always will be! Please SHARE on Facebook so fans of Christina can honor her life and talent.

ABC News