When A Marshmallow Meets a Vacuum Cleaner


For all the people that wondered what would happen if a marshmallow was put into a vacuum this video is for them. This video shows exactly what would happen. This simulation will show a person what happens when the marshmallow is put under intense pressure. Marshmallows are put into a container where the air is tight to see what would happen.

A marshmallow is put into a container that was made to be airtight. The pump is put back into the container and the demonstrator began to pump. As he does the marshmallow grow larger in size. When he lets the air out of the container the marshmallows shrink back to their original size only they look more wrinkled. When he takes out the marshmallows they look like they are a little smaller in size and have a squishier texture to them. This is an experiment many people wondered about but did not want to do on their own. Please SHARE this video in Facebook.