Massive Great Dane Gets Frightened By Tiny Chihuahua


This video is hilarious to watch and will have you laughing from the time it starts! As you will see, there is a huge Great Dane and a tiny Chihuahua in the room. Although the Great Dane is many times the size of the Chihuahua, the Great Dane becomes terribly afraid of the small dog and even jumps on his owner’s lap to try and avoid it. It is so funny to see one so little being able to terrify a dog that is so much bigger.

As the Chihuahua barks loudly, the poor Great Dane simply cannot handle it! With each bark, he backs up farther and farther into his owner’s lap, seeking protection from the “killer” dog. It is clear this little dog is the leader of the pack and is not afraid of anything or anyone. If you think this video is absolutely adorable, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can enjoy.

Matthew Sorrells

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