Meet Angry Splash Mountain Lady And Find Out Why She Was So Mad!

Chances are, you have seen the photo that has quickly gone viral of a woman riding Splash Mountain with her arms crossed and her face scowling. Although this is supposed to be the happiest place in the world, this woman was clearly not enjoying the ride. When you watch this video, you will meet the woman, her husband, and the reason for the face she gave the camera.

It turns out the lady was mad but not because she didn’t enjoy the ride. Her husband refused to go on Splash Mountain with her, which is her favorite ride. Since she knew she would be photographed, she decided she would let him know exactly how she felt about being ditched. The results were hilarious for this married couple who loves to joke and have fun. Watch the entire video to learn about their sweet story of triumph. Check out this video and Please SHARE on Facebook to spread the word.

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